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Axicon 6000W

Pharmacode Verifier



The Axicon 6000-W Pharmacode Verifier has been specifically designed to meet the requirements for verifying the “Pharmacode” (commonly called the “Laetus” or PCE Code) within the Pharmaceutical Industry.


This Verifier uses a white light source in order to capture all bars regardless of colour. This is an essential tool for all designers and printers of pharmaceutical packaging.


Typical Application


All Pharmacodes – whether printed monochrome or in a combination of colours.




  •   Captures all Coloured bars
  •   Automatic bi-directional decode
  •   Suitable for both Standard Code and Mini Code
  •   Product Look-Up
  •   Dimensional Measurements
  •   Nominal Width Measurement
  •   Bar Measurements
  •   Scan Profile
  •   Visual reconstruction
  •   Free Software Updates for life
Pharmacode Verifier

Axicon 6000W Product specification

Axicon 6000W user guide

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