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Let Axicon Verify your barcodes

If you want to be reassured about the quality of your printed barcodes, but do not have an ISO/IEC-compliant verifier, then we are happy to do this verification for you.


We use whichever of our ISO/IEC-compliant verifiers is appropriate, and we can look at all types of GS1 barcodes as well as any others, such as Code 39 or Code 128, that you may be using.


We will check that the barcode represents the data you want it to, and let you know its grade. (4.0 or A is the top grade, and the pass mark for most of your customers will be 1.5 or C.)  We will also be able to suggest any improvements, if any are needed, to make sure that all future barcodes will scan the first time, every time.




  •   ISO/IEC verified barcodes
  •   Data content checks
  •   Detailed reports and summary
  •   Quick turnaround time


The costs for verifying barcodes are set out below, and depend on the number of symbols being examined.  These prices exclude VAT.

Number of barcodes Basic report and summary
1 £40.00
2 £58
3 £81
4 £89
5 £97

Axicon also has an after sale service where if you have any questions on your results you can simply contact us.

Axicon Verification Service sales sheet

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