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FilmBars Graphics is a barcode file generation package, available for PCs running Windows 98 or later.


There are two versions of Filmbars Graphics available: one is a version which covers all of the standard linear barcodes (as used for the retail supply chain etc) and the other covers both linear and the newer two-dimensional barcodes – see details below.


The package enables the user to define: magnification factor, height, length, ratio bearer bars and bar-width-reduction in 1 micron increments, as required by reproduction methods. The software calculates relevant barcode check digit and also checks that you codes conform to the correct specification.


FilmBars Graphics is supplied with a single user, end-user licence.


Download a trial version of Filmbars from our downloads page.




Filmbars Graphic barcode files can be used with any of the popular desktop publishing graphic design and word processor software packages, including: Pagemaker, Freehand, photostyler, Quark XP ress, Ventura publisher, Core Draw, Word Perfect, AmiPro, word etc.


File Formats


FilmBars Graphic for windows supports more than 35 popular formats.

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