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An app that allows Axicon barcode verifiers to be used on the move with either Android tablets or Android smartphones is now available from Google Play.


Free to use, this app allows anyone with an Axicon 6000, 6500 or 7000 series verifier to use it with an Android device, and record the results as easily as with a PC or laptop. The app can also be used to open the saved scan files, whichever linear barcode verifier has been used to create them.


“This new app gives our linear verifier users extra functionality, as they don’t need to use a PC or laptop to power the verifier. If it is easier to take the verifier to the product to check the barcode, then using the app with a tablet or smartphone makes this very straightforward,” explained Martin Morrison, managing director of Axicon Auto ID Limited.


Most users will need to use a USB OTG (on the go) adapter for their device, and they will need to check which one they require to connect to the verifier.


The app software is based upon the Axicon PC verifier software, so the results of the verification are displayed equally clearly, with the ISO/IEC grade together with details of the individual parameters.  The saved scan files records can be transferred to a PC and form the basis of any quality control system.

The New 15500 1D/2D barcode verifier 25/05/2017

The new Axicon 15500 verifier, now available worldwide, provides users with the largest field-of-view for a portable 2D and linear barcode verifier.  Its FOV of 95 mm x 70 mm means that users can check a wider range of barcode sizes than with the Axicon 15000.


The barcodes that can be verified include all the 1D and 2D GS1 symbols as well as Data Matrix and QR Codes.  All the barcodes in the FOV will be verified simultaneously and the user simply clicks on each barcode in turn to view the results for each one.  The Axicon 15500 will check Data Matrix, GS1 DataMatrix, QR Code, and GS1 QR Code, as well as any EAN, UPC, GS1 DataBar, ITF-14 or GS1-128 symbol up to 95 mm wide.


The verifier will use the correct parameters for assessing each barcode based on the requirements of the appropriate ISO/IEC or application standard.  The electronic record (the scan file) of each verification includes all the codes in the field of view.  The software is switchable between eight different languages (Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, French, Korean, Slovenian, and Spanish), and also includes several options for checking the data content of symbols.


“Designing and manufacturing barcode verifiers that work as simply as possible, with easily understood results, is our main aim,” explains Martin Morrison, managing director of Axicon Auto ID.  “Our software ensures that each symbol is verified according to the correct specification, and that the results can be saved to support any quality control procedures.”


“The software is also continually developed to improve functionality and respond to changes to ISO/IEC standards and applications such as GS1.  These updates are always free of charge, and will be notified automatically to a user connected to the internet.”

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