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Axicon in-line barcode verifier

Using models 6525-S and 7025-S

Point of sale barcode verifier


Specifically designed for use with thermal printers, the Axicon in-line barcode verification system uses the 6525-S or 7025-S verifier to provide full ISO/IEC-compliant results.  These verifiers scan 150 times per second, and the results can be analysed at 100 or more scans per second, depending on the PC.  It is possible to see the reports on the quality of each barcode instantly, and the operator can be alerted to any deterioration in print quality.  Common problems with thermal printers, such as damaged or dirty printheads, media movement, and ribbon creasing, and any quiet zone infringements can be detected immediately, and checks on data content and format can also be carried out.


The reporting tools enable you to save the verification file of every barcode, or just those that fail, can provide you with a spreadsheet of the results, and a summary of every print run.  The software allows for fully auditable traceability records, which then form an integral part of any ISO 9001 quality management system.

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