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Axicon PV-1000

Portable solution for verification

Point of sale barcode verifier


The PV-1000 unit can be used with any of the following linear barcode verifiers – the 6015, 6515 and 7015 - and it allows you to carry out verification without any connection to a laptop or PC.  You can see the overall grade for each symbol, as well as the values for individual parameters while you are using it.  The PV-1000 will also keep all your results as text or Axicon’s .scn files which you can transfer to your PC using a USB memory stick.  This means the results can be recorded as part of any quality control system

Axicon PV-1072

Portable barcode verifier

Point of sale barcode verifier


The PV-1072 is the simplest Axicon verifier for point-of-sale barcodes, and is fully portable.  It is powered by its own display and data collection unit which runs on four AA batteries.  Rechargeable batteries can be supplied with a charger if they are required.  A protective rubber cover for the data collection unit is also available.


It can be used to verify all retail point-of-sale barcodes (EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A UPC-E and GS1 Databar), as well as pharmaceutical product barcodes (such as CIP 39, Italian pharmacode, HIBCC, and Code 128).  The scan width of the reader is 66 mm.

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